Hey! I'm Patrick.

Writer, engineer, application consultant

I code websites, build businesses, and similar to Mark Manson , "I write personal development advice that doesn't suck."

I also help people write applications and resumes.

What I've worked on

These are some of the experiences I've had. I'm currently building a business - Q5 - that builds products for people and companies. Our motto is idea to launch in 3 months, MVP in one month. We ship fast with quality. Check us out.


We build your products for you.


Nando is an easy to use group video chat service


We made a live streaming site for musicians to broaden the interaction between artist and fan

Y-Combinator Fellowship

Part of the 2015 YC Fellowship Class

Software at Apple

Built API's, internal web apps, and did machine learning at Apple

Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley

Class of 2015 Graduation Speaker

Berkeley is where I learned how to live in the "real world"

Application Consulting

I advise people on all types of applications ranging from jobs and resumes to college admissions applications to scholarship applications. If you want to make your application more impressive, I can help you.

I'm currently offering a free 15 minute consult of your application. Anything more and we can work out a price.



"Patrick helped me throughout the entire application process from brainstorming ideas to helping develop these ideas in my personal statement. He gave me insightful criticism but more importantly asked me critical questions that made me really explore my narrative from alternative perspectives. By the time I finished my application I had a structured theme interwoven throughout my application, which told a unique story about my personal experiences and talents.

If you are really trying to push your application to the next level, I would highly recommend consulting Patrick. He knows exactly what admissions officers are looking for in applications and has a unique talent in helping his clients express those ideas. I am forever grateful for his help."

Accepted to


"When I first consulted Patrick for help, I genuinely did not expect any drastic changes to be made to my writing. I thought what I had was relatively decent. Patrick, however, saw all the weaknesses in my application, particularly with grammar, tone and content. Not only did he offer constructive criticism, but he also offered examples how to better articulate what I needed to say. A couple hours later, I had an entirely different application. A couple weeks later, I received an email notifying me of my acceptance.

The beauty in Patrick’s style of applications consulting lies in his ability to make your application efficient. That is, he knows how to ask the questions to make you think critically and bring out the best of you on paper. Most importantly, however, Patrick gets people. He knows how to communicate effectively. If you’re working on a serious application, I would recommend consulting with Patrick prior to its submission."

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